Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ex-con shoots trick-or-treater with AK-47

This is why assault weapons should be banned entirely. And ex-cons should not be able to own guns either. I understand people liking guns, but these are not guns. These are weapons of war, like a bazooka or an grenade launcher or something.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

People who walk slowly in from of me

Just like these people, I really can't stand it when people walk slowly in front of me.
Why do so many people walk like they aren't going anywhere? do they leave 3 hours before they go anywhere just so they can mosey on down the sidewalk.

when walking in a crowd, I often have fantasies where i'm in a jungle with a machete, chopping vines and branches out of my way. Only the vines are people and the machete is real. A friend of mine just imagines herself punching people in the back of the head. I wholeheartedly approve

Unless you are old or a child or on crutches, please, get a move on.

People who live in New York and don't take advantage of the fact that they live in New York

How can you live in the most exciting place there is and not do stuff? there are so many places in this country that are lame. I know. I lived in lame places for 27 years, places that rarely got good bands, where I went to the same clubs and restaurants over and over and where Jesus reigns supreme.

Now I live in New York, and there are tons of good bands coming all the time and no one wants to get off their duff and see them. I don't understand it.

Think of the poor girl in Asscrack, Idaho who has nothing to do on Saturday nights. Think of the single mother who can't go out because she has kids. Think of the people working late shift who never get to enjoy the night life.

New Yorkers. Go out. Have fun. See a band or five. Dance a little. Eat good food. Make out with a foreigner. Please don't stay home every freaking night.

Vimax Penis Enlargement online ads


Really this is getting out of hand. I'm getting bombarded with this freaking ad. here are a list of websites i've been to in the last week with the same damn Vimax penis enlargement ad
makes sense
makes sense i guess


CNN? stay classy cable news
politics website, i'd expect something more highbrow
what, a fucking public-policy think tank's website has penis enlargement ads?

really, thanks I'm happy with the size of my business. please stop inundating me with your ads.

There must be a lot of dudes out there with dinky wangs buying this shit because these people have enough bank to buy all these ads.

Here's another one, that i saw on myspace:

dumb ad 2

edit --- i went to put the image on photobucket, and the ad was there too!!!!

I'm about to be done with the internet